The show must go on

 The government on lifting lockdown:
Haha no I'm sure the government knows what they're doing.
So lockdown lifts tomorrow. How's it been for you? For some of you, it's been the first time you've had spare time, free of responsibilities since - since you could remember. How did it feel? Strange at first, then hopefully, intensely liberating; you found yourself thinking of past hobbies, reliving old passions and skills, and discovering new ones. Perhaps you picked up a paintbrush, an instrument, tried something new for the heck of it. Perhaps you sat down and reflected on your life; looked at where you'd been, where you are, and where you want to go. Perhaps you decided you didn't like where you were headed all that much, that Corona had given you a new lease on life, and you gathered the courage to do the thing you'd always wanted to because you realised you really only get one life, there's no such thing as putting things off because things take time and other things always come up and if you don't start now, you never will.

At least, that's what I fervently hope some of you did, because life is too short and sweet to fritter away following society's narrative. For heaven's sake, for family's sake, but most of all for your own sake - do what you love and be happy, do what you love for other people and be fulfilled, before you allow all the distractions to sweep you away into, before you know it, your deathbed.

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Best of luck to Singapore as she reopens and if anyone knows of some banging parties happening feel free to invite me at alvin@lembas.sg.

Let's Live.

And awaaaay we go!

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