The War on Waiting

The War on Waiting
2 min read. TLDR: typical workday and commuting wastes time, let's find ways to save it.
My family moved half way across the country when I was in secondary school, and I ended up having to travel 1 and a half hours each way each and every day for 3 years. I was furious with my parents for being so inconsiderate of my time but there was little I could do about it. Now, I wake up and spend 15 minutes washing up and grab a quick bite, and I’m ready to start work from home. Instant productivity, right where my energy level is at its peak. The old 8-5 is obsolete and as millennials shift towards shorter hours and virtual offices, large corporations must catch up or be left behind.
I believe in a world where people spend the majority of their time on play. Where people wake up and spend 15 minutes or less travelling to work or better yet, logging into their office right there at home by telecommuting or virtual reality, and are excited to work because they know the work they do is fulfilling and has a positive impact on others. Where they look after their company and colleagues because they’re looked after. Where time is not wasted, but put towards the betterment of others, ourselves, and the enjoyment of life.
I hate waiting time. Waiting time is wasting time. The two biggest wastes of time in our day are processes – the process of commuting to get to places, and the process of eating to keep our energy levels up. How many hours each day we waste on waiting! Bus train taxi plane. Home office restaurant office restaurant home. Commuting is full of waiting.
Functional food cuts out the processing time on obligatory meals – meals you don’t have time for or want to eat but need to, for energy. Saves 1-2 hours a day – multiply that by a week. 7 to 14 more hours. 28 to 56 hours a month – we get back 1 to 2 days a month to spend with family and friends, simply because there is no longer the need to wait. That’s like having two 3 day weekends, every month.
On the process of commuting – Elon Musk is hard at work on that, Godspeed Elon. A man like you would sure know a thing or two about not wasting time. Come visit via hyperloop but when it’s not too busy; say, lunchtime. We’ll be done under 10 minutes.
What's the biggest time drain in your day, and how do you minimise/make full use of it?

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